BrandArena: Chinas Global Network CCTV To Feature Zuriel Oduwole's Abuja Trip

Monday 13 June 2016

Chinas Global Network CCTV To Feature Zuriel Oduwole's Abuja Trip

As China flexes its muscles globally in the areas of Manufacturing, Economy, Social Development and now Media, its state funded network CCTV through its Africa HQ in Nairobi - Kenya, has just completed a coverage for a segment of 13 year old Zuriel Oduwole's travels across Nigeria's capital - Abuja.

She is seen by the Chinese as a future global leader, who could bridge the divide between China and Africa, and comfortably become a great communicator between 3 great continents of Africa, Asia [China] and North America [USA].

It indeed made great sense, as Zuriel who was born in Los Angeles as a US Girl and lives there presently, has very strong African roots [both parents are from Nigeria and Mauritius], has lived in Nigeria, Ghana and Mauritius growing up, and speaks fluent Mandarin [Chinese Language] having spent time in Beijing and Hong Kong.

Her visit to Abuja last week sponsored by Hilton Hotels, was covered by the CCTV network because of her emerging and expanding global appeal, her education advocacy and her continued film making quest. The program would be featured in one of their special edition segments later in June. The networks crew accompanied her on many of her engagements including the meeting with the Minister of Education, where she shared some of her ideas on how to get more out of school children educated, and the opening of a new library for special needs children, and accompanied by one of President Buhari's daughters.

It is the second time a global network has covered her Africa visit. In March 2015, Bloomberg TV UK through its South African bureau covered her visit to Soweto in South Africa where she spoke to hundreds of school children who took an Education pledge. Last month, CNBC featured her visit to South Africa in February this year, on her way back from conducting her first film workshop series in Namibia - where she was also received by Namibia's President - H.E. Hage Geingob.

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