BrandArena: BON Cloud Debuts License-Free Content for African Broadcasters Seeking China-related Stories

Monday 6 June 2016

BON Cloud Debuts License-Free Content for African Broadcasters Seeking China-related Stories

Following the launch of the BON Cloud media platform in August 2014, and an expansion with cooperating media partners through South and Southeast Asia, BON Cloud now reaches Africa for the first time.

As a part of the launch, BON Cloud publishes a new video series about international lives connected with China. We discover a South African man who has taken to life in China. As a senior golf professional, he manages one of the most exclusive Golf Clubs in southern China, in Shenzhen, a sprawling metropolis, with fascinating insights into everything golf in China.

Next, we experience a unique window into life in China, Chinese Buddhist temple philosophy. The story vividly captures the philosophical connection between Chinese Zen Buddhism and an equivalent practise in Western world, captured through the eyes of a German court judge who explains the story.

Built as a one-stop-shop international media solution for producers, publishers and broadcasters alike, BON Cloud, specialize in creating and distributing China-focused short video content and footage.
Now fully established, BON Cloud boasts an active database of more than 6,000 international media professionals downloading, re-editing and re-purposing BON Cloud created assets every day, resulting in the production, to date, of more than 4,200 short videos.

“The purpose of BON Cloud is to provide access to fresh, professional China-related content to content acquisition professionals, editors, and producers, across Africa’s 54 nations, and license - free”, explained Ash Bowkett, VP, International Business Development at BON Cloud, “Across Africa, audiences and industry alike are showing increasing interest in China, whether as a strategic development partner, for international trading purposes, or as a holiday destination. We are strongly positioned as the only non-news China-content provider source for Africa.”

While the Associated Press and Bloomberg already source culture and business content and footage from BON Cloud, hundreds of television broadcast stations and websites around the world also access the Platform when they require a China story.

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