BrandArena: 6 Health Mistakes Budget Travelers Must Avoid

Friday 10 June 2016

6 Health Mistakes Budget Travelers Must Avoid

Mistakes are bound to happen whenever you travel especially internationally. However, the most unfortunate mistake you can make exposes you  to preventable health diseases. The consequence of this is that you will fall ill at an unknown or unfamiliar destination and your trip will be in shambles.

Budget travelers are more susceptible to health mistake because they have limited cash in hand, hence, they tend to do unscrupulous things to cut cost. To be on a safe side,, Africa’s No.1 hotel booking portal gathers 6 health mistakes budget travelers must avoid especially when they are traveling outside Nigeria. Your health should be of utmost priority whenever you are traversing the world.

Rely on the internet for medical information

Google can offer a bottomless hollow of information to users by simply entering keywords. As a smart budget traveler, do not rely on Google for medical information. If you want the medical requirements for the country you are visiting, you can put a call through to the embassy. And if you have a health problem that may jeopardize your entry into a country, you should see a doctor before it is too late.

Eating indiscriminately  
Assuming you are in your Lagos, you can eat out on the street. However, in a foreign land, you should avoid this as much as possible. If you crave to experience the ambiance of your destination, you should get a local to take around. The local can take you to a very nice restaurant where the food is clean and healthy.

Leave your first aid kit at home

It doesn’t matter if you have a medical issue or not, you should always pack a medical kit whenever you are traveling out. It will always come handy in case of any medical emergency.

Walking around barefoot

You may be tempted to do away with your footwear because you are carried away by the scenery of your destination or simply want to feel the sandy beaches with your bare feet. This is okay but it is only reasonable for you to always wear your shoes to be healthy, as many diseases affect the feet.

Drinking tap water

It is important for every traveler to stay hydrated. However, in an attempt to stay hydrated when experiencing a paucity of funds, you should not start drinking tap water. This water is impure and it may weaken your immune system and make you liable to disease. Try as much as possible to take bottled water.

Refusing vaccination

For travelers visiting Brazil during the Olympics, it will be compulsory to vaccinate them against Zika disease which currently ravaging the country. For your own safety, it’s essential to accept these vaccines which can reduce the possibility of falling ill when on the road.

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