BrandArena: Pepsi Launches Global Language Campaign with Pepsimoji Rollout

Wednesday 11 May 2016

Pepsi Launches Global Language Campaign with Pepsimoji Rollout

To support its #PepsiMoji packaging initiative, Pepsi has launched a major international campaign which will is kicking off globally after a limited launch last year.

The campaign’s outdoor ads were produced with photographers Ben Watts and Daniel Arnold

Around 600 varieties of the bespoke emoji-style icons will appear across more than one billion bottles and cans of Pepsi – allowing consumers to share a message of their choice.

The campaign includes three video ads, Origins, Backpackers and Concert Connections, in which the characters communicate by passing each other cans. The films come in 90- to 120-second versions for digital viewing and 30-second versions for TV.

Alongside this are more than 100 individual five second TV ads created for the US market, which Pepsi said involved a first-of-its-kind media buy. Taking a different slant, these feature personified bottles and cans.

PepsiMoji language is generating unexpected conversations and action around the world this year – going beyond the expected emoji experience.

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