BrandArena: Optimum Exposures set to unveil Sub-Saharan Africa’s Largest Digital Billboard

Monday 9 May 2016

Optimum Exposures set to unveil Sub-Saharan Africa’s Largest Digital Billboard

Outdoor advertising agency Optimum Exposures in partnership with Daktronics will on Wednesday June 1, 2016 unveil the largest digital billboard in Sub-Saharan Africa in Lagos, Nigeria.

The iconic board, according to the Managing Director of Optimum Exposures, Bayo Adio is part of his company’s commitment to boosting brand building and communication efforts in the Nigerian market.
Mr. Bayo Adio

“It is a great pleasure to see the Elephant Board go live on schedule. We are particularly happy to provide an innovative platform through which brands can reach, engage and connect with prospects, customers and the public in an absorbing manner never before seen in the out-of-home industry in Nigeria. This board is both digital and social; it is mind-blowing,’ said Mr Adio.

In addition to delivering digital messages on brands that take position on the board, the Elephant, nimble, so to say, is the first socially responsible billboard in Nigeria. It would be displaying accurate time and temperature in addition to notices of happenings or breaking news in Lagos. ‘That’s part of our way of giving back to the society. It can alert the public on happenings, so that people can make important decisions, particularly on safety matters,’ according to Tyler Husby, Project manager at Daktronics Company, the manufacturer of the LED board.

For stakeholders in the out-of-home industry, the excitement deepens as this has built up while the upgrading of the board was still in the works, giving rise to much talk among stakeholders with buzz that the Elephant would not just be digital but social.

Some of the unique features of the Elephant Billboard include the ability to engage the public through social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The Marketing Manager, Lucia Akinwolere pointed out that ‘it is amazing that a board this size can be flexible enough to engage the public on social platforms. What this means is that people can engage with each brand on display at the board on any of the social media platforms. The advantage is that each brand can take advantage of the Elephant to build intimate engagement with the public and ensure a conversation that might quickly convince patronage.’

With this development, Optimum Exposures has beaten its own record as the Elephant takes over from the Lion as the largest digital billboard in Sub-Saharan Africa. The impact this will have on the out-of-home industry will be seen in the days ahead.

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