BrandArena: Nokia launches NetAct Cloud network management system, helps pave way to 5G

Wednesday 11 May 2016

Nokia launches NetAct Cloud network management system, helps pave way to 5G

Nokia has released a cloud version of its NetAct network management system (NMS).  NetAct Cloud is getting ready to meet the vast data handling demands of 5G networks and the move towards hardware-agnostic deployment scenarios. Providing automated and complete mobile network control, NetAct Cloud also protects today's NMS investments as operators plan for 5G.

In addition, Nokia introduces NetAct Fast Pass, an innovative technology that allows operators to deploy new network features instantly at a lower cost by eliminating the need to upgrade the entire NMS in advance. Fast Pass enables key network management functions to be implemented without downtime, while more advanced features can be introduced with a scheduled NMS upgrade.

Operators can now choose between the existing virtualized NetAct and the new NetAct Cloud in accordance with their data center strategy. NetAct Cloud can be deployed on the same platform as other IT and telco systems in data centers. This enables operators to apply unified operational and maintenance processes and tools to reduce costs and scale.

Bhaskar Gorti, Applications & Analytics president at Nokia, said: "NetAct Cloud was built with an evolution towards 5G in mind. We added capabilities to deploy network features faster and work smoothly in cloud environments. With these enhancements, Nokia is well equipped to help our more than 500 NetAct customers safeguard their network management investment while preparing their networks for the future."

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