BrandArena: The coolest travel inventions for 2016!

Friday 15 April 2016

The coolest travel inventions for 2016!

Some travel companions add extra convenience to our experiences, while others take us on a journey through the world of technology. These smart tools which have changed the way many experience the world are quickly becoming everyday essentials for people looking to have a memorable time on the road outside or within Nigeria., Africa’s largest hotel booking portal shares 4 of these amazing travel gadgets designed to make each trip safer, easier and exciting.

Luggage scooter

Want to have a little more fun with your carry-on? Then the luggage scooter is just what you need. This playful accessory allows users roll their bags quickly without the stress of having to struggle with heavy lifting. Created with room for a foot or two, this innovative trolley which doubles as a kickboard scooter also has blutooth speakers inbuilt for listening to music while gliding through the airport. How cool is that!

Automatic Backpack Survival kit

Manufactured with a dual airbag system, the ABS is an absolute essential for adventure junkies venturing out across mountain ranges or slippery landscapes. In case of a storm, two big airbags filled with compressed Nitrogen gas release, protecting the body and increasing survival rate by 70%. This smart backpack also wins accolades for its durability and feather-weight, plus it has lots of room for additional equipment.

Personalized Imprint Slippers

Write out thoughts on the sand with these original flip flops! It’s a made-to-order footwear which leaves a mark everywhere it goes. They come in multiple sizes and colours and can be worn as a cool beach accessory to cheer up a cloudy mood. These slippers make great gifts and can be used to express one’s individuality or send personalized messages.

The Smallest Steam Iron in the world

This iron is so small, that it can fit into a ten-year old’s palm but is one of the most helpful gadgets to own, especially for those who travel on business trips. The mini-steam iron has a 420-watt motor, 3 heating levels and is the perfect size, even for small suitcases.

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