BrandArena: Human Capacity Development Key To Change Mantra Of Nigeria - Collegiate Chairman, JCI Nigeria

Friday 1 April 2016

Human Capacity Development Key To Change Mantra Of Nigeria - Collegiate Chairman, JCI Nigeria

'Lekan Egbetola
Egbetola ‘Lekan, former Southwest Collegiate Vice Chairman of Junior Chamber International Nigeria who was recently elected as Collegiate Chairman of JCI Nigeria is a young man of many path. In an exclusive chat with BrandArena Blog in Lagos, the charismatic and humble ‘Fellow' spoke on his plans and aspirations for the non-governmental organization.


Congratulations on your new position as Collegiate Chairman of JCI Nigeria. How long have you been a member of JCI and what inspired your decision to be a member?

I joined Junior Chamber International in 2009 at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta as a student. It's approximately 8 years now. I was inspired by the way young active citizens dress; in a formal way. It makes them look so unique. And also their branded materials, which make them, look more attractive among their peers.

What impact can you say JCI has made in your life since you joined the organization?
JCI is an organization of visionaries and global network of young active citizens. JCI has made countless impacts in my life; ranging from leadership skills, increased network both locally and internationally,  boosted entrepreneurship morale, Enhanced individual social responsibility, Team work, Travels, and Presentation skills, to mention a few.

Do you have a role model in JCI? If yes, kindly tell us briefly about the person and what you admire about him/her?

There is this young man I have always been looking up to as a role model and mentor, JCI Sen. Pascal Dike. He was once in the position I am now and he recently achieved a lifetime record by becoming the first Nigerian to ever emerge as JCI World president... and I also keenly look up to such achievement and beyond. He is simply a goal setter and a goal getter.

Within this short period you have rose from President of JCI MAPOLY to Southwest Collegiate Vice Chairman, and now Collegiate Chairman of JCI Nigeria. What can you attribute this success to?

Passion and utmost dedication. I love JCI and I can go to any length in doing anything to please my dear organisation.

As a young leader, how can you describe your leadership style?

Actually I adopted every kind of leadership style because different situations require different leadership styles and approaches (Diplomatic). But basically, am always fair to all concerned. So I adopted the democratic style in most cases.
What are the functions of a Collegiate Chairman?

Collegiate Chairman is regarded as the CEO of the collegiate structure. To monitor and direct the entire JCI Nigeria Collegiate affairs. The Collegiate chairman has four collegiate vice chairmen (South-West, South-East/South-South, North-East and North-West.) Who are expected to report to the Collegiate Chairman while the Collegiate Chairman report to the National body of JCI Nigeria.
What are you agenda as Collegiate Chairman of JCI Nigeria?

As an organization that unites all other sectors, the utmost dedication of our selfless service demonstrates our confidence in the economy and we believe that our organisation plays a significant part in the development of this great Nation’s future. Based on this we have carefully chosen a suitable theme to run this year council administration which is 'human capacity development. I believe in developing human resource capacities to an efficient level as it leads other resources right.

Secondly, to work with other sector in achieving the Sustainable development goals - The new set of goals adopted by the world leaders to replace the millennium development goals - for the achievement of the presidential theme: sustainable impact. Lastly, my members are my priority, based on this, their interest is key.

How do you intend to achieve this plan?

Through the engagement of the Collegiate Vice Chairpersons in charge of South-West, South-East, North-West and North-East region and the Local Implementation of Managers to key their mode of operation into the Council theme and the National theme for this local organisation year and ensure adequate monitoring of chapters programs, projects and meetings so as to meet up with the standard of the newly reviewed Collegiate Code of Conduct.

As Promised, we would continue to reinforce our position as Nigerian Content Champions among other NGOs with series of outstanding project deliveries by various chapters including the SDG Goals, discipline among the members, trainings and empowerment, growth and extension, corporate social responsibility and Individual social responsibility. Lastly, through partnership.
What are the current issues that you the JCI Nigeria circle need to address in 2016 to further improve the organisation in the country?

As young active citizens who see the need and take the lead, we aim at working in partnership with other sectors in achieving more sustainable impact and with this; the organization would continue to maintain its stand in the country which makes it the global network of young active citizen. Our aim is to provide sustainable impacts. We are also committed to providing SDG goals.

What is your take on the HND and BSc dichotomy and is there any disparity of such within the JCI Nigeria chapters?

Actually, this has been a long term issue which is pertinent for the government to work out a long term solution to; but the case remains the same. In this organization, one of our core value says; "Brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nation" we don't discriminate! And we meet, learn and grow together irrespective of any institution any of our member studies. An immediate example is that I, as the collegiate chairman finished from a polytechnic and i have other institutions under my watch, while someone from college of education can also be in the position tomorrow.
On a lighter mood, how do you spend your leisure time?

Sincerely, this has been a great challenge because every moment of my life is always dedicated to making impact but as such, if the leisure time comes I try to read to seek for more knowledge or discuss with friends through social media.

Lastly, how do you cope with female folks considering your position as Collegiate Chairman which you'll have to visit lot of schools, and deal with them?

It's normal for someone who is in a prestigious position to have many females around him most especially at the student level. But for a leader who's after the protection of his members’ interest, I have to neglect the pleasurable aspect of being with them and focus on creating a sustainable impact with them. It's always important to remember the SDGs Goal 5 (Gender Equality).

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