BrandArena: How to get Complaints Resolved via Social Media

Tuesday 19 April 2016

How to get Complaints Resolved via Social Media

Social media can be used to do a lot of things today including to complain and get the complaint resolved. Twitter is one of the best interactive networks to use to get a quick response especially as many organizations now have a strong Social Media presence.

With the versatility of social media, some users still have problems with making complaints and having them resolved. Sequel to this,, Africa's No 1 hotel booking portal gathers tips on how to get complaints resolved via Social Media.


Contact official channels

All serious organization own a website. On these websites, you can get the contact information of the company. Using the contact info, you can either call or send a mail. If you do not get a response or get an unsatisfactory response, you can take it to social media.

Check their reply speed on twitter

Despite the fact that some businesses have Twitter or Facebook accounts, they may not be active and may take them forever to reply to your complaints. Hence, before you send a tweet, you should check how quick they respond to complaints and if they actually resolved it.

Send them a direct message

If you are not happy with their response offline, it is time to take it online. You can send them a direct message whether their handle is active or not. If you do not get a favourable response, you should take it public. 

Tweet publicly and politely

Responsible businesses prevent crisis rather than fanning it. The direct message may be futile but the public tweet will not. So, you send a series of tweets featuring your complaints. Do not forget to tag some the service companies and influencers that can help you retweet the message to their followers. At this juncture, do not be surprised at how swift they will pacify you. Social media further cement the saying that that the customer is always right. Remember, do not use abusive words while tweeting.

Thank them when complaint is resolved

Most customers do not do this. When you are eventually satisfied with their reply, it will be nice to send a tweet appreciating their response and if their offer you an incentive to pacify you, you should also mention it in the tweet. 

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