BrandArena: Group Alleges Campaign of Calumny against MD, NNPC RETAIL

Tuesday 5 April 2016

Group Alleges Campaign of Calumny against MD, NNPC RETAIL

The widespread publication of the purported arrest of the Managing Director, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Retail, Mrs. Esther Nnamdi-Ogbue by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has been described as a campaign of calumny by some detractors who were envious of the giant strides and achievements of the Mrs. Nnamdi-Ogbue while she presided over the affairs of the Petroleum Products and Marketing Company (PPMC).

 According to the Young Professional Alliance for Change, some mischief makers were uncomfortable of the strides recorded by Mrs. Nnamdi-Ogbue in the NNPC from her days as the General Manager, Board Matters and Management Committee Department (BMMC) in the Corporate Secretariat and Legal Division (CSLD) to the Petroleum Products and Marketing Company, (PPMC) which she headed before her latest promotion.
Mrs. Esther Nnamdi-Ogbue, Managing Director of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Retail

According to Mr. Chukwudi Ifediora, the General Secretary of the Group, Mrs. Nnamdi-Ogbue was invited by the EFCC to clarify certain operational issues which she promptly honored and was never arrested because she returned home after throwing light on the issue for which she was invited.

In his words, ‘’ Without doubt, Mrs. Nnamdi-Ogbue is one of the shining light of the NNPC and she was very conscious of her duties and discharged them creditably. In fact, she was appointed the Managing Director of PPMC based on her pedigree in NNPC.

The truth of the matter is that, she was invited and she naturally honored the invitation since she had nothing to hide. Moreover, she is one of the proponents of change in NNPC and her style of administration is still being spoken of in glowing terms in PPMC till tomorrow.’’

Addressing the allegation that Mrs. Nnamdi-Ogbue has acquired some property worth N1.2bn with the proceeds of corruption, the Young Professional Alliance for Change clarified that the said property was rented, a fact which is verifiable, adding that the value of the property was nowhere near the sum of N1.2 billion being bandied about by some detractors who were bent on bringing her down.

Buttressing the Group’s claim, a top stakeholder in the Petroleum sector who would not want to be named said that he was shocked at the allegations against the former MD PPMC.

He said that, ‘’ If you look at the expertise, professionalism and pedigree of Mrs. Nnamdi- Ogbue, you would agree with me that she was a right peg in a round hole. However, the challenge in Nigeria, like most Third world countries is that, some people would frown at you if you choose to be different. ‘’

He continued, ‘’She is a process-minded person and she brought this to fore in PPMC but some people never liked it. I am sure you are aware that she invited the EFCC to investigate the role of some stakeholders in the downstream sector of the Oil and Gas industry in the artificially induced fuel crisis late last year.’

‘’Naturally, these oil cabals resorted to maligning her in some section of the Media because of her unwavering stance on due process, probity and best practices in the conduct of the company’s businesses. Tell me, why would anyone want to blame her for the current fuel crisis when we, especially key players in the downstream sector know what is wrong with the system?‘’

He concluded,  ‘’The fact that she has been recalled and made MD NNPC Retail has shown that the government believes in her capabilities and professionalism.  I am sure she would never be deterred by detractors and mischief makers because she is focused on leaving her indelible imprints in the downstream sector.’’

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