BrandArena: Ferrari top F1 earner ahead of champions Mercedes

Thursday 7 April 2016

Ferrari top F1 earner ahead of champions Mercedes

Formula One motor racing team Ferrari is set to receive $20m (€17.8m) more in revenue payments than reigning world champion Mercedes for its performance in the 2015 season, according to figures published by the Autosport website.

The information again outlines the financial disparity which exists within the sport – an issue that has led to two of its teams taking to European competition authorities in protest. Ferrari finished second to Mercedes in the constructors’ world championship last season, but Autosport, which said it obtained projected payment details at last weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix, stated the historic Italian marque stands to receive $192m - a 17 per cent increase on 2015.

Formula One Management, which has not officially confirmed the figures, draws revenue from hosting fees, media rights and other sources such as trackside sponsorship and hospitality. Autosport said the 2015 total rose nine per cent year-on-year to $965m and will be distributed across 10 teams through nine monthly payments from April with a final “check” payment - when definitive revenues have been calculated - early in 2017.

Ferrari is the only team to have competed in Formula One since the championship’s formation in 1950. As a result it is set to benefit from $105m in historic/constructors’ championship bonuses, as well as $87m in performance payments.

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