BrandArena: Oral B celebrates World Oral Health Day

Thursday 24 March 2016

Oral B celebrates World Oral Health Day

The Oral-Care brand of Procter & Gamble, Oral-B, commemorated World Oral Health Day on Tuesday the 22nd of March, in its continued commitment to improve oral health in the county and making great dental care easily accessible to more Nigerians. With the theme of the World Oral Health Day titled “Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body”, Oral B is set to take oral hygiene in Nigeria to a new level and substantially increase the overall public awareness of oral health.

Attendees at the event were also given a demonstration of the Oral B Mobile Dental Clinic. The program serves both as a platform for quick education as well as immediate dental care. Oral-B's mission remains: helping all Nigerians have stronger and healthier teeth, hence its promise of: “Healthier, Stronger Teeth in One Week”.

Positioned as the National Oral Health Ambassador since 2014, Oral B has taken a bold step to reintroduce the mobile dental clinic program in order to be proactive and also fill a crucial gap in the Nigerian health care sector and especially in the aspect of dental care.  The breakthrough trial program of the Oral B Mobile Dental Clinic will be of great benefit to millions of Nigerians.

According to P&G’s Oral Care Brand Manager for Sub Sahara Africa, Aliza Leferink, the general focus of the World Oral Health Day 2016 is on prevention to help Nigerians achieve significantly healthier lives starting from oral care. She emphasized that "this is very apt as the focal point of this year’s World Oral Health Day celebration is Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body. The Mobile Dental Clinic initiative is meant to underline this need as well as give Nigerian consumers a fast track to effective and long lasting dental care.

"The Mobile Dental Clinic Program provides free oral care education and dental health checks to patients who lack the means or dental insurance or any realistic way to pay for dental treatment. In addition, we aim at educating Nigerians to have stronger and healthier teeth through the campaign ‘Healthier, Stronger Teeth in One Week’. We feel strongly that a more proactive way of amplifying an improved health care is through the Mobile Dental Clinic Program”.

Representing the Honourable Minister of Health, Dr Adebimpe Adebiyi, Head, Dentistry Division of the Federal Ministry of Health commented that it was noteworthy that development partners like Procter & Gamble are not leaving the awareness task to the Federal Government alone but actually leading the task to create awareness for oral health because prevention is not only better but cheaper than cure.

She also said, “Healthy teeth and gums are fundamental to overall health and well-being. And the federal ministry of health has a strong desire for Nigerians to stay healthy in mouth and body. This comes from forming a great daily care habit, consistency and the right toothpaste use.

“Maintaining healthy teeth can be achieved by following a number of simple principles, and Oral-B wants to help Nigerians on their way to better oral-care-routines.”

Oral B toothpaste combines three powerful ingredients, stannous chloride, sodium fluoride and a specific Polychelation Technology which address the seven areas dentist check most to help people achieve healthy, beautiful teeth. Through its new advanced toothpaste formulation Oral-B tooth paste creates a protective shield around the teeth and gums. During brushing the paste distributes key ingredients throughout the mouth.

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