BrandArena: ‘Share A Coke, Share A Feeling’ Campaign Inspires Friendliness in Lekki

Tuesday 16 February 2016

‘Share A Coke, Share A Feeling’ Campaign Inspires Friendliness in Lekki

It was an unusual atmosphere at Lekki Palms Shopping Mall, Lagos recently, when beverage giant, Coca-Cola Nigeria stopped by to encourage consumers to express special feelings to friends, families and strangers by sharing coke cans personalized with their names and smileys which best represent those feelings.

The campaign which started towards the end of last year conceived a unique way to enable consumers share deep-seated feelings they may not be willing to express in words for fear of rejection, ego or misunderstanding, you name it!

A lot of excited fans walked to the customisation booth to buy cans of coke to be customized within minutes with their names and the right smileys representing the right feelings just. The consumers were also treated to free ice cold bottles of Coca-Cola for refreshment as they waited for their customised cans.

Femi Ojo, a policeman said in excitement after he got his customised can of Coke, “This is a very interesting initiative from Coca-Cola. I just had my Coke can customised in less than 10 minutes and it is a special way of telling my wife that I love her. I cannot wait to get home and give it to her and I am sure she would love it!”

Several other consumers got different smileys to pick from and place on their Coke cans for loved ones, or to express their personalities. Customers were allowed to buy as many cans as they wished and had them customized.

Another delighted customer, Ojeka Vincent customized eight cans of Coke with different emoticons on each of the cans. Vincent said gleefully, “I am really feeling like a boss right now and as you can see on my can, I do not have to introduce myself. I have the ‘Boss Smiley’ on it. The other cans are for my friends and loved ones and I am sure they are going to like them as well.”

Speaking on the ‘Share a Feeling’ campaign, Marketing Director, Coca-Cola Nigeria, Patricia Jemibewon stated that, “The idea is about making it personal to our consumers, giving them the chance to share a personalized Coke with their loved ones and creating special moments of happiness.”

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