BrandArena: Natures Gentle Touch marks one year presence in Kaduna

Monday 29 February 2016

Natures Gentle Touch marks one year presence in Kaduna

….Exhibits at 37th Kaduna international trade fair

Recare Limited, manufacturers of Natures Gentle Touch, the only hair product formulated for Nigerian women this week marked one year presence of its product range during an affinity program with stakeholders at the 37th Kaduna International Trade Fair.

“The company made its entry into the Kaduna market about a year ago during the 36th edition of the International Trade Fair and the demand has since been overwhelming” that is according to Daniel Komla, Recare Field Education Manager.

Komla added that “we are proud of the level of acceptance and the one-year track record of sustained patronage and positive results recorded by customers who have used our products. We are also happy to have carried out a free hair analysis for up to 316 women which helped them to identify the hair challenges they had and allowed us recommend various products to help them overcome hair breakage, dandruff, and in some cases alopecia”

Also commenting, the company’s Marketing Manager, Mr. Kunmi Balogun noted that the Kaduna International Trade fair is an opportunity for companies that wish to connect and broaden the relationship with their stakeholders in and around the region.

“Before we entered into this market about a year ago, we had conducted an in-depth research and realized that there was a massive demand for hair and scalp solution products made from natural ingredients, especially for women experiencing severe hair damage which is very common in Nigeria.” He said.

One of the participants at the exhibition, Hajia Fatima Daura noted that she had battled with severe hair breakage in the last 6 years before she discovered Natures Gentle Touch. “The eucalyptus anti-hair breakage product has helped me a lot. There was a time combing my hair everyday made me almost cry because of how much hair I was losing. I used the product for my hair and the results were obvious after a few weeks. That is why I came to personally express my joy at this year’s exhibition because I knew they would be here again”

The 37th Kaduna international trade fair had no fewer than 15,000 participants and exhibitors who came for the 10-day exhibition. The highlight of the 10-day event was a quiz competition among secondary school students across the 19 northern states. 

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