BrandArena: 5 Funny Yet Annoying Things Nigerians do at the Cinema

Monday 29 February 2016

5 Funny Yet Annoying Things Nigerians do at the Cinema

The cinema culture is fast returning at an appreciable pace after it declined in the 1990s. Today, cinemas like Ozone, Silverbird and Genesis Deluxe around the country are witnessing reasonable attendance. While the many rediscover the joy of blockbuster movies on a big screen, there are some persons who may be hell-bent on diverting your attention from the screenplay and this can be annoying., Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal gather some of these annoying things that Nigerians do at the cinema.

The prolific commentator

They are better commentators than Andy Gray and John Motson. However, they do not to run football commentaries but annoying movie commentaries at the cinema. They will narrate every scene, they cannot keep their emotions under wraps and they always have something to say about the movie. They cannot simply keep their mouth shut. This kind of people can be very frustrating.

The phone talkative

Your phone rings every second in the cinema hall and you pick it every time it rings. Even if you are a businessman, your phone should be on silent rather than disturbing others with your calls. It is better to just switch it off when you are at the movies. In addition, remember that you are on a date with your significant other, you should make it an eventful evening for her. However, for some people, they do not really care, they will convert the cinema into a phone call hub even though there is a clear sign that you should switch off your phone.

The selfie addict

You cannot do without taking pictures even in the cinema. You flip out your phone, pose and click! These pictures are immediately uploaded on social media. It is either you take your pictures before or after the not everyone will be happy with the lousy display of your photography talent.

The crying baby

You will definitely regret going to the cinema if you are in the same hall with a crying baby. The question is why do some mothers bring their babies to the cinema? Because at a particular point during the movie, the baby will inescapably brawl its lungs. If this happens, you will have no choice than to leave the hall.

He who laughs last…

A comical scene was shown and everyone in the cinema hall laughs. However, for you, that is when your laughter begins. You may be laughing last but you are definitely not laughing best as your laughter could bring you ridicule. It will be quite embarrassing if everyone in the hall shoot you with their piercing and angry pupil. You will have no choice than to compose yourself.

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