BrandArena: Online shop Dakika launches in Kenya

Wednesday 20 January 2016

Online shop Dakika launches in Kenya

Dakika online, a Kenyan owned e-commerce platform has launched its operations in Kenya to offer a stress free shopping experience to online shoppers across the country.

The e-tailer founded in August 2014 by a group of young Kenyan entrepreneurs pegged in a Swahili name ‘Dakika’ which means ‘one minute’ has opened to over 5,000 products across electronics, Home appliances, Fashion and many more targeting both rural, urban, low, middle and high-end markets.

 Ali Olieva, Managing Director said, “Kenya is moving online and it’s moving fast. The demand for convenience from the consumers is massive, everyone wants to buy stuff from behind a computer or a mobile phone and have them delivered to their home or in the office, we are looking to provide this stress-free shopping experience to all our customers and more."

The website, designed to load fast even with low internet connection speeds aims at offering customers a seamless experience at the click of a mouse across different product catalogue and check-out. Customers will also have their orders delivered to them anywhere in the country where they will have the option to pay on delivery or via mobile money transfer.

“Times have changed, people have gotten busy balancing between hectic work schedules, traffic and family life, walking downtown to shop is no longer fun this is the gap we are going to fill by bringing the best deals right on your doorstep,” adds Olieva.

The company launches against an all-time internet penetration of over 69 percent and a mobile penetration of over 83 percent with the digital landscape expected to reach peak rates in the coming months fuelled by a young tech savvy and ballooning middle class generation with disposable income to spend a potential Dakika aims into tapping.

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