BrandArena: Top 3 tech gifts for the Nigerian teenager who loves gadgets

Friday 4 December 2015

Top 3 tech gifts for the Nigerian teenager who loves gadgets

It is no secret, teenagers are picky when it comes to choosing gifts and are rarely likely to accept the options their parents or caregivers make for them. However, they adore technology especially when its is a trendy gadget such as a phone.

If you are having a hard time figuring out the best gift to give your teenage child or friend who loves gadgets, you are in luck!, Africa’s largest hotel booking portal has picked out the top 3 gifts that will appeal to any teen; whether they are selfie-obsessed, game addict or music lovers. Read on to discover these treasures.

Olloclip 4-In-1 Photo Lens
It is the year of the selfie and clearly, the teenagers are stoked over taking these pictures and sharing them around with friends and family. The Olloclips 4-inp1 photo lense is a sure way to appeal to this obsession and surely endear yourself to your teen. The gadget’s lens system features fish eye, wide-angle and two macro lenses that ensure the user takes the exact image they want, anytime, anywhere!

Hello Kitty Beats Solo2 Headphones
Teenagers may be uncommunicative, distant and difficult but many generally enjoy music and the headphones that keeps them lost in their own little worlds. The Hello Kitty Beats Solo2 Headphones, which are limited-edition headphones from the trendy brand every teen covets,  were created in celebration of 40 years of the popular cartoon character, Hello Kitty, and is currently what every teenager wants. It is certainly the best way to get your teen screaming ‘you are the best!”

DIY Gamer Kit with Arduino
Most teenagers who love gadgets like to fiddle with mobile or TV games. The DIY Gamer Kit with Arduino, a gadget that  combines retro gaming and garage hacking, is a charming way of keeping your teenager entertained while giving him or her opportunities to improve their creativity skills, as allows the user build their own handheld games console and invent their own as well.

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