BrandArena: Olashore Raises brand profile, leadership reputation

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Olashore Raises brand profile, leadership reputation

Olashore international School has expanded its leadership offering as the institution continues to raise its international profile and build the brand around leadership and strong value system.

Olashore International School commenced a leadership programme last session with a view of changing students’ perception while growing to be a leader. The students go through a specially designed leadership curriculum that looks at leadership concepts with a focus on ways to apply these attributes. The social Responsibility Initiatives are led by students, community oriented, sustainability focused, and stewardship to the funds received. This year, they came up with a brilliant idea of helping the less privilege in their host community.

Prince Abimbola Olashore
According to the school’s Leadership and Social Responsibility Coordinator, and the Head of Languages, Mrs Emezue, “The Leadership project this time centers around raising funds for the less-privilege home in Illesa and Illoko-ijesha. The students actually went there last session to have an assessment of the place and they found out that the home lacked so many things. They needed books, mattresses, beds, food and clothing materials. So the leadership students took it upon themselves to organize fund raising activity in order to raise funds certain amount of money to buy things for the poor. It has been fruitful.

"We started it last month and we fixed the fund raising on visiting days so we can have parents around. Parents have been very helpful and wonderful, cooperative and supportive towards the course.  The students hope to have a movie fair today for the kids at the stadium, they’ve done publicity for parents to allow their kids watch movies for a token and anyone who wants to give more can do so. During the last visiting day, the students made cup -cakes and sold to the parents, and it was helpful in raising funds”.

“The School has a rich tradition of developing leaders and believes strongly in the value of service to others and society. We live in a world of constant change, challenges, and opportunities. Students learn the Social Change Model Leadership Theory through lessons covering 7 key dimensions which are Consciousness of Self, Congruence, Commitment, Common Purpose, Conflict with Civility, Collaboration and Citizenship. We are trying create a change on the society, but the change must first start with us by having ourselves trained based on the 7Cs.  We are trying to change individuals. You must know yourself and about three other persons who have the same traits, values and beliefs as you do so you can collaborate and work towards a common goal.

“Leadership is defined as establishing direction and influencing others to follow that direction. The Social Change Model of Leadership understands leadership to be about change, and effective leaders are those who are able to affect positive change on behalf of others and society. The primary goal of the Social Change Model is to enhance student learning and development by fostering greater self-knowledge and leadership competence”. The overarching goal of the programme is to engage students in a collaborative process to enhance the development of leadership qualities, promote the values of self-knowledge, personal empowerment, service, equity, citizenship, and social justice.

The Chairman, Board of Directors, Prince Abimbola Olashore, also reiterated “The future of Africa in the world depends on the connections made between leaders at a young age and their ability to share ideas, identify opportunities and build dynamic organizations. To achieve this, children need to be given structured leadership training as early as possible and the opportunities to apply the skills learnt. The School was founded on the values of academic excellence, discipline and leadership, and having recognized that change is a constant factor in life, it strategized its education needs to encourage students development of leadership skills to excel in a change oriented environment.

Leadership, which is embedded in the fabric of the school, has remained one of the key qualities that make our graduates stand out.

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