BrandArena: Twitter for your Career: How to Land your dream job

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Twitter for your Career: How to Land your dream job

At @WEF held in January 2015, The GMD of @McKinsey stated that “The unemployment rate of Nigeria is as high as 50% of the youth population.” Across Nigeria from Abuja to Lagos, the number of unemployed individuals is a national concern.

In a country as populous as Nigeria, youth unemployment accounting for 50% of the total unemployment rate is rather alarming. High unemployment rate has a variety of consequences on the economy such as  higher crime rates, high costs for the Nigerian economy, increased mortality rate with the lack of free health care, loss of national output (GDP) among many others.

At the @WEF@AlikoDangote disclosed that “our entire society is in danger of destruction unless we pay attention to this huge segment of our young and jobless global population”.

There is a growing need for the youth to be employed in the Nigerian economy and a variety of accounts have been launched on Twitter to connect people with existing job opportunities in the country. These accounts  include:

1)    @Jobbermandotcom is Nigeria’s leading job recruitment network that was started by students at the Obafemi Awolowo University. With over 47k followers on Twitter and 25.8k Tweets, @Jobbermandotcom informs Nigerians around the country of job openings through its daily Tweets. @Jobbermandotcom Tweets information/requirements concerning each job opening, responds to enquiries and has been connecting Nigerians with job opportunities since 2009.

2)    @Nigeriabestjobs publishes employment and  career opportunities in Nigeria and is a top provider of job opportunities to professionals in Nigeria. With over 27k followers and 14.5k Tweets, @Nigeriabestjobs Twitter is dedicated to connecting Nigerians from every corner of the country to job openings through social media. The job openings available are specific to an individual’s experience ranging from graduate internships to managerial roles.

3)    @ngcareers has sent 89.4k Tweets highlighting  job opportunities for Nigerians. Through its Tweets, @ngcareers publishes a variety of job roles as well as interview and overall job etiquette tips to it's 14.9k followers. The jobs on @ngcareersrange from personal tutors to managerial roles.

Nigerians across the country can get connected to jobs today by following @Jobbermandotcom, @Nigeriabestjobs, @ngcareers  and by tapping into the conversation happening on the Hashtag #CareerTips.

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