BrandArena: Top 3 spots for grocery shopping in Victoria Island

Friday 20 November 2015

Top 3 spots for grocery shopping in Victoria Island

Lagos is probably one of the most popular shopping cities in Nigeria, and aside from bargain hunting for clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories, Lagosians also spend a lot of time and money grocery shopping.

The city boasts of large bustling open-markets which offer cheap options and more variety, however, most inhabitants, especially those in Victoria Island – a popular suburb within the city, prefer to patronize grocery stores. As a result, the hub now hosts a range of shops which offer trendy products to fit every lifestyle. In this article, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking portal takes you around Victoria Island to show the top 3 grocery stores that hit the mark whenever you are due to refill your pantry.

No doubt, Shoprite, located close to FourPoints by Sheraton, is one of the grocery shops that really live up to a complete shopping experience in Lagos. Extremely popular, thisgrocery chain is a treasure chest for city’s people. Lagosians love this store for its convenient offerings, reasonable prices and the bakery. The supermarket shop carries an impressive selection of fresh produce (both home-grown and imported), snacks and non-food items. Again, its deli makes excellent meals for customers who want to take their lunch to go.

Park N’ Shop
If your intention is to stock up on Indian groceries, look no further than Park N’ Shop situated close to B.B.Q ‘R’ Us Hotel and Rest. This two-floor building is a haven for Indian tourist and expats as it is filled with everything you need to cook indian meals. Very notable are their abundant selection of spices including garam masala, cumin and ghee, as well as their array of lentils and native Indian grains. In Park N shop, customers can also household items and buy already prepared meals (both Nigerian and Indian) in one trip. While their prices are not exceptional, the shop carries hard-to-find brands, as well as an excellent organic-product section.

Mega Plaza
This plaza has a grocery section which offers a plethora of unique product offerings, catering to foodies, health-conscious and regular shoppers alike. While the prices of the items in this store are not as subsidized as in some other grocery shops, the variety lures in patrons. The products available in the store are sourced from around the world, hence the long lines at checkout. Most visitors to the area find the exotic brands they are used to back at home in this shop, especially the Chinese and Filipinos. They have a selection of highly trained and helpful staff who help customers make informed purchase. The bonus point to this store is that they also deliver purchases to any location within the Lagos metropolis at no additional cost.

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