BrandArena: Kenya Holidays bring more travel options to Nigerians

Monday 16 November 2015

Kenya Holidays bring more travel options to Nigerians

Ambassador Tom Amolo, Kenya’s High Commissioner to Nigeria has called on Africans to be more interested in travelling the continent of Africa during the unveiling of Kenya Holidays in Lagos, Nigeria.

Amolo advised that Africans need to prioritise the continent and understand its people in order to promote peaceful coexistence and brotherhood that cut across culture, language and all physical barriers.
“There is the need for Africans to encourage travels within the continent. Experiencing each other’s culture is one sure way of overcoming our differences and living happily together,” the Ambassador noted.

KQ Holidays as it is fondly called is the leisure unit of Kenya Airways, Africa’s 3rd largest airline travelling to over 42 destinations worldwide.

According to KQ Holidays, Nigeria is the first destination outside Nairobi, Kenya where there is a dedicated KQ Holidays office signifying the importance of the Nigerian market.

Rose Kseli, Kenya Airways Area Manager West Africa said KQ Holidays package all kinds of holidays ranging from luxury travels to family tours, sports, weddings and honeymoon holidays across the world.

She reiterated KQ Holidays is not only about encouraging Nigerians to travel to Kenya, rather it engages travellers to experience all parts of the world including encouraging and packaging travels to Nigeria from Kenya and other countries.

The options for accessing a wholesome travel package itinerary gets better and easier in Nigeria as KQ Holidays berths in the country. And to kick start a promising and exciting service in the Nigerian market, Mrs Grace of HRG Nigeria won an all-expense paid 3nights full package trip to Mombasa, Kenya during the launch of KQ Holidays in Nigeria.

The KQ Holidays Nigerian office located at UBA House, Lagos is always ready to package your dreams. Contact Chukwuma Ibobo 08032007500, 07084398384 for enquiries.

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