BrandArena: JSP's Adebule at TBWA Disruptive Conference

Monday 16 November 2015

JSP's Adebule at TBWA Disruptive Conference

In a bid to challenge conventional wisdom and create something dynamic to replace the static, JSP Communications Nigeria will join other agencies within the Public Relations and Advertising industries in Africa this week in the largest conference, at South Africa to discuss the trends.

JSP's Executive Director and Client Relations strategist, Mrs Aderonke Adebule will be sharing about the PR and communications landscape in Nigeria.

Organized by TBWA, the Africa Conference will be for the first time, a combined TBWA\, Magna Carta and HDI Youth Marketers event, making it the largest conference in its 15-year history.  About 80 people from 15 countries and 20 agencies will gather for the three-day annual TBWA/African Conference and immerse themselves in Disruption® philosophy and processes.

Mrs Aderonke Adebule
According to South Africa’s Reputation Management Company, Magna Carta, the concept of a unified network is exciting and necessary. Its spokesperson, Mr Moliehi Molekoa reiterates, “There has never been a greater need for creative and disruptive ideas as far as reputation management is concerned on the continent, so being part of a group that compels us to engage with the new Disruption® tools is critical. It brings the network to life and empowers us in ensuring our clients stand above the clutter.”

Also according to TBWA\’s Director of Africa Operations, Graham Cruikshanks, “The power of Disruption® for African communication cannot be underestimated. It is all about challenging conventional wisdom and creating something dynamic to replace the static. Importantly, Disruption® is the opposite of assumption and prejudice, which gets in the way of envisioning new possibilities for client’s businesses”.

Disruption Strategy® is part of TBWA\’s vernacular and a proprietary tool that the company harnesses to break market convention and establish new platforms for growth for its clients.

“Disruption® is the brainchild of TBWA\ Agency Network Chairman, Jean-Marie Dru, who came up with the idea of using Disruption® in a positive way in 1990, to create future-fit visions for brands, plus a roadmap to get them there”.

“Think of Roger Bannister, who ran the four-minute mile when no-one thought it was possible or Dick Fosbury, the Olympic high jumper, who revolutionized the sport with his new ‘back-first’ way of clearing the bar. These people did not limit themselves to the parameters set by others. They imagined something beyond the rule, something better, bolder and more successful.”

“Globally, TBWA\ is rallying behind Disruption® as a primary differentiator and has introduced new tools, technologies and techniques that can be used to grow client businesses across the globe. The Africa Conference is about sharing, training and energizing our ever-growing Africa network with new insights and effective ways to employ the new disruption tools”.

JSP Communications is a leading specialized Public Relations consultancy in Nigeria and West Africa. It provides value added public relations and marketing communications services in Nigeria to some of the world’s most admired brands and multibillion dollar corporations. Jsp Nigeria offers "public relations with intelligence."

TBWA\ Africa is part of the TBWA\ Worldwide global. Collectively TBWA\Worldwide is a top ten ranked global advertising network. TBWA has 11,100 employees across 323 offices in 100 countries.

In Africa, TBWA\ Africa’s clients include Standard Bank, Nissan, VISA, Tiger Brands, Adidas, Aquafresh, Build It, Sasol, Vodacom, KPMG, Unilever, Samsung, Pernod Ricard, SAA, Etisalat, Shoprite, PSA, Glo, Cadbury to name a few.

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