BrandArena: 3 Top contemporary books for visitors to Nigeria

Monday 23 November 2015

3 Top contemporary books for visitors to Nigeria

Nigeria is generally considered the giant of Africa and as such, thousands of visitors swarm into the country per time either on business or leisure. A large percentage of these visitors however do not have a clue as to how the society operates or the lifestyle of its inhabitants.

No doubt Nigeria has a terrible image. From the Boko-Haram ridden states in the North to the oil-polluted swamps of the Niger Delta region in the south, and the MASSOB fighters in the East, it is depicted as a violent, intolerable destination. However, this portrayal fails to hint at the more complex truth about the nation.

Nigeria is a land endowed with rich cultures, stunning artistry and a resourceful people. In this regard, it is essential that visitors have an idea of what is embodies to visiting., Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking site therefore offers 3 contemporary books that reveal Nigeria in a more modern and objective light. As a traveler you these books will really challenge your  view and broaden your horizons about the green nation - Nigeria.

Looking for Transwonderland
A memoir Published in 2012 by Noo Saro-Wiwa - daughter of the murdered environmental and political activist ,Ken Saro-Wiwa – who establishes herself as a pioneer of contemporary travel writing in Nigeria and Africa, the book Looking for Transwonderland tells a poignant and witty story of her return from England, the country within which she had found refuge after the gruesome death of her father.

No doubt the book gives an unusual insight on Nigeria as the author is as intimate with the country as she is unfamiliar with its society. From Lagos  to other = locations across Nigeria, her roaming explores family history and gives an honest account of contemporary Nigeria.

Open City by Teju Cole
Open City is a meditation on history and culture, identity and solitude. Written in 2011, the novel centers on the inner thoughts of a Nigerian immigrant Julius, a young graduate student studying psychiatry in New York City, who recently broke up with his girlfriend and spends most of his time dreamily walking around Manhattan. He eventually meets a young Nigerian woman who profoundly changes the way he sees himself.

While the novel is more about New York than Nigeria, the protagonist’s character shows a ‘shifting’ attitude to a Nigerian upbringing in the flashbacks to his Nigerian childhood. The book is a piece about Nigeria from the diaspora and reflects its place in the world at large.

A book by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie,  the award-winning author of Half of a Yellow Sun,  Americanah is a richly told story set in today’s globalized world. The contemporary fiction tells the story of love and race as it concerns a young man and woman- Obinze and Ifemelu- from Nigeria who are challenged with difficulties that stem from the choices they are forced to make in the countries they come to call home.

Spanning three continents and numerous lives, the story is gripping and very illuminating.

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