BrandArena: JUA Energy enters Nigeria after success in Kenya​

Friday 2 October 2015

JUA Energy enters Nigeria after success in Kenya​

After successfully entering the Kenyan market in April 2014, solar-powered systems and technological electronic accessories manufacturer brand J

​UA​ energy has launched in Nigeria to sell through e-tailer giant Jumia.

The company founded in 2013 manufacturers a wide range of power banks, solar lights, headphones,  Bluetooth speakers and solar home systems for both rural and urban markets with affordable price and high quality. Additionally, the company has been voted as one of the most popular brands on Jumia Kenya  with a strong focus on renewable energy.

​UA​ energy’s expansion into Nigeria is part of the company’s vision to provide alternative and renewable energy for Africa as told by co-founder Hill Ren, “Our aim is to contribute to the growth of Africa’s economy and improve African people’s lives  by providing  the high efficient renewable energy powered systems, high-end technological products and services. We are optimistic Nigeria provides the best platform to achieve this vision.”

After a big success on e-tailer giant Jumia in Kenya, the company is now planning to move to offline more and call on more distributors, sub-distributors and investors to further expand  the brand,
​to enable more people get touch with the products an​d ​services. Furthermore, the company​ ​has pledged​ ​to offer substantial discounts in its bid to reach other remote parts of Kenya where the affordable alternative energy products come in handy.

​UA​ energy remains optimistic that its entry into the Ethiopian market by the end of the year and thereafter Uganda and Tanzania will benefit the millions of Africans who have limited access to the power grid..  Just as its name in Swahili, sun and solar, J​UA​ dedicates itself to powering the Africa and creating a brighter future!​

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