Friday 9 October 2015


Marek Zmyslowski
Africa’s leading hotel-booking website Jovago has been incorporated into the renowned Google Hotels Ads. This strategic collaboration aims to ease the process of hotel search and reservation for travellers in Africa. This would allow Google users access to the best deals at any time and at their convenience, through the platform thus granting a diverse range of users the chance to find and book hotels across the African continent.

“Google is a giant - the  hotel finder metasearch is a remarkable and handy tool for travellers around the world looking to make smart and informed decisions when booking hotels," said Paul Midy, CEO of Jovago. He also says "… Jovago is focused on helping travellers find the best hotels regardless of location and making the process as convenient as possible. With Jovago on the Google Travel Ads, customers can readily access our growing inventory of hotels on the go with little to no hassles as the customer service team caters to their needs.”

With a vast inventory of 25,000 hotels in Africa accessible to customers both on and offline, the hospitality and hotel industry there is well provided for. is live on the Google platform with about two thousand hotels with 15,000 more properties to be added from its large inventory.

Speaking on the importance of this milestone, Marek Zmyslowski, Managing Director of Jovago Nigeria said, "Our primary goal as a company is to add value to the lives of every customer who books a hotel on our platform through fast and reliable services. We will continue to put in effort to make this vision a reality and being the first African company to launch on Google Hotel Ads is a breakthrough we are excited about."

Google’s initiative enables a wider range of users to click on the hotel listings directly from the search engine results page and giving them access to Jovago’s properties in Africa with a guarantee of best prices. This service is also integrated with Google Maps, which grants the user the ability to see the exact location of the selected hotel while doing a price comparison at the same time.

Following the launch of its mobile application - Hotels Booking on the Android platform, its incorporation on the Google platform for hotel search and booking would further improve the user experience for potential customers and increase touch points through which Jovago is bringing the hotel business online.

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