BrandArena: How the Nigerian Embassy can Help you in a Foreign Country

Wednesday 14 October 2015

How the Nigerian Embassy can Help you in a Foreign Country

Nigeria as a democratic entity has diplomatic missions such as consulates, high commissions and embassies in nearly every country in the world. These missions are not there for fun but are established to offer assistance to its citizenry. For example, when Nigeria’s national team was in Belgium to play a friendly match against Congo, the Nigerian embassy played a key role in hosting the team in Belgium.

Thus, it important to Nigerians to identify with the home embassy as they offer a wide range of services. Because Nigerians love to travel,, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal rounds up some things that an embassy can do for travellers in a foreign country.

If you need a hospital
If you get inexplicably sick or stranded during your trip, your embassy can recommend you to a reliable hotel or hospital to get treatment. In addition, you can also contact your travel insurance company to inform them about your situation so that they can settle the hospital bills. However, proper documentation must be done to guarantee the help of your consulate well ahead of time.

Arrested or detained
The arrest must be illegal if you want the embassy to come to your rescue. Immigration officials in different countries, according to media reports, have this stereotypical attitude towards the green-white-green passport. Thus, Nigerians have been arrested or detained just for carrying their passport. Report this arrest to the embassy and they will ensure that your rights are protected and get you released. But do not go to there if you are caught for unscrupulous actions.

Crime Victim
Anyone can be a victim of crime in a foreign country and in the process you may lose your luggage, wallet, phone or other important items. The embassy or high commission – for commonwealth countries – can help contact your family or friend who will come to your aid.

Lost Passports
An important travel document you must not loose on a trip outside the country is your passport as it is required at the airport by immigration officials. However, if you misplace it, your embassy can offer you a new one depending on the rules and regulation governing misplaced or stolen documents for each country.

Emergency Funds
Although they will not give you cash, the embassy can offer you avenues to reach out to your family or friend through which you can get the money you need.

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