BrandArena: Hellofood Côte d’Ivoire converts facebook comments into food to fight hunger

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Hellofood Côte d’Ivoire converts facebook comments into food to fight hunger

The campaign launched last week by Hellofood Côte d’Ivoire, dubbed "You Say, We give" culminated yesterday, Tuesday, October 20. More than 220 kilograms of food items were given to the children of the village SOS Abobo in Abidjan. These gifts are the materialization of wishes expressed by hundreds of people, through comments left on the Facebook page of the leader of online food ordering in Côte d'Ivoire.

The generosity shown by Internet users who commented by hundreds the post published on Hellofood Côte d’Ivoire’s Facebook page, pushed the hellofood marketing team to anticipate the remittance of the donation.
As part of its "You Say, We give" campaign, the donation originally scheduled for October 22, will now be done in two phases. The first remittance, conducted yesterday, saw the hellofood team and the lovely 2014 Miss District, Yasmine Tra Bi, reaching the village SOS, hands full. They brought with them, not less than 105 kg of rice, 25 kg of sugar, 25 kg of flour, 30 liters of oil and 50 kilograms of potatoes to the children of the community.

"For us, your presence demonstrates that we are not alone," claimed Miss Chimelle, the young student speaking on behalf of the 120 children living in the village. At her side, members of the administration and tutors (mothers as they are called), have warmly welcomed the delegation led by Mr. Ba, Head of Marketing at hellofood Côte d’Ivoire.

Visibly moved, hellofood’s Marketing head, conveyed the cordial greetings of his CEO. He clarified the sincere motives backing the campaign; saying that "far from being a marketing action, the campaign You Say, We give, as well as the donation to Village SOS Abobo, are part of a real approach of caring and sharing and a true mobilization against the scourge of world hunger”.

He further added:" hellofood being the leader of online meals ordering, could not remain insensitive and dissociate itself from the global movement to eradicate hunger." The afternoon charged with strong emotions, was concluded with a visit of one of the houses that comprise the Village SOS Abobo.

On October 16, hellofood Côte d’Ivoire has launched the campaign "You Say We give" with the aim of encouraging the collective effort and participate in the global movement to eradicate world hunger. The site promised to gather for a week, the wishes of its users, who would choose one of the five basic food (rice, potatoes, oil, sugar and flour) commenting on a Facebook publication. For each user vow, Hellofood promised to give on their behalf, one kilogram at SOS Village Abobo. And if the publication was shared by Facebook users, hellofood would double the donation.

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