BrandArena: 3 Signs you are hooked on touchscreen gadgets

Wednesday 28 October 2015

3 Signs you are hooked on touchscreen gadgets

A few decades ago, the idea of touchscreens - a computer display screen that is also an input device- seemed incredible and was only a contraption found in high-grossing sci-fi movies.

Today however, they are everywhere! Almost every gadget or device had a touchscreen version, from television sets, computers, electronics and some kitchen appliances. It’s such a part of our eco-system that developers have since ensured that our lives in public and private spaces are occupied by this innovation.

There is no doubt it took generations and several major technological improvements for touchscreens to attain the kind of presence it has today, and as it is, touchscreens are certainly great for almost everything, however, while advantages of having a touchscreen display abound, there is an unhealthy addiction that comes with using it for long. There are now situations where the user becomes inordinately dependent and the touchscreens have more influence over the user than anyone else or anything else., Africa’s no. 1 online hotel booking service, explores the signs that reveal this touchscreen user addiction.

Lack of interest in non-touch screen gadgets
The touch screen makes it easy to access your gadget and even interact with it much faster than with other devices embedded with keypads or knobs, and so, most users easily become dependent on this ability to speedily scroll through icons, selecting songs and contacts. As a result, they lose interest in gadgets that do not have the touchscreen feature, limiting themselves only to for the ones that do, even if the specification is inferior to other options.

If you find yourself placing the touchscreen features as a must-have on your list of preferred specifications, you certainly have an addiction.

You have difficulty using buttons and knobs on gadgets
It is amazing that while most people complain that the touchscreen is quite limiting as the screen is very sensitive and difficult to use when it is very cold or their fingers are wet, others cannot function without them. These set of people instead have difficulties with using gadgets with knobs and keypad.

The most common complaint is that the keypad space is restrictive and can easy fall out, making it difficult to use the functions originally controlled by the button. These people who find it hard to use the buttons and knobs are most usually touchscreen addicts.

You swipe every screen
The common assumption most touch screen users have is that every ‘sane’ person shares their preference in using the touchscreen and so would automatically have gadgets with the function. As such, they tend to swipe screens of gadgets that come into their possession before making inquiries on whether the touchscreen feature is available on the device.

Sometimes, even when they are aware that a screen is ‘no-touchscreen’, they still find themselves swiping and getting frustrated when they remember their actions only stem from habit.

If you find yourself unconsciously swiping every screen before making inquiries on whether it has a touchscreen function or not, you are definitely an addict.

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