BrandArena: Why You Should Follow Radio Stations on Twitter

Monday 14 September 2015

Why You Should Follow Radio Stations on Twitter

If you enjoy listening to music and entertainment news everywhere you go, it’s a good idea to follow your favourite radio stations on Twitter. As radio continues to dominate as a popular communication platform, Twitter helps personalise the experience and is a good source for further information on a song you hear or the on air personality that you enjoy listening to. 

By creating their own Twitter accounts, radio stations give you an opportunity to request certain songs during various radio shows or join in on burning conversations in real time on the radio.

Radio stations like the ones listed below keep their timeline buzzing and it’s always a great experience to join in the fun.

@TheBeat999Fm  keeps you up to date with their conversations from their trending hashtags such as #MiddayShowWithToolz#MorningRush #QuestionTime and also from their drive time shows. They keep you up-to-date with new music as well as what their famous OAPs such as @OfficialOlisa, @ToolzO, @MariaOkan are up to during studio hours whilst hosting their various shows.
@Wazobia_FM is the first pidgin radio station in Nigeria. Through their Twitter account, they keep the general public informed about local news, music and their radio shows. Using hashtags like #MakeUnaWakeUp and #OldSchoolThursdaygives followers an opportunity to be engaged and join in on conversations, thus feeling part of the radio channel.

@CoolFmNigeria is a radio station that keeps listeners up to date with Nigerian hot gossip. Their Twitter account keeps you informed about what is going on in the Nigerian music industry and also keeps you informed as to what their OAPs such as @DotunCoolFm  and @MercyAjisafe get up to on a daily basis during their show.

@ClassicFM is a radio station that aims to keep you updated with what they are playing.  They Tweet tracks in real time, and also answer play requests from followers.  Tweet at them to get your favourite old song played! The station also engages with followers who Tweet comments about what is being discussed on the radio.

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