BrandArena: Twitter Voices of the Nigerian Youth

Tuesday 22 September 2015

Twitter Voices of the Nigerian Youth

Social engagement is a key factor when it comes to capturing the attention of a young audience. Within the Nigerian online space, key influencers have found a niche in creating active youth engagement on Twitter. Through Tweets, their growing influence has enabled them to be seen as voices of the new generation. Consistently discussing a range of topics from entertainment to football, these prominent Twitter users are representing the changing face of the Nigerian youth through Twitter.

·         @Omojuwa has a strong voice when it comes to Nigerian politics. Through his Twitter platform, he discusses issues facing the nation and actively engages with his youthful audience on ways to solve them.  He happens to have a very empowering timeline, especially for youths wanting to make a difference to the future of Nigeria. Further to this, he also shares lifestyle posts directly from his website, a key lifestyle news blog. If you’re also keen on trending Hashtags and interesting Nigerian news, his Twitter platform is one to follow.

·         @Ebuka is a captivating media personality who knows what to Tweet about and how to Tweet in a manner that gets young people talking on Twitter. He is well-informed on hot topics and always gives his own funny opinion, which keeps the youth laughing and Retweeting every time.

·         @OloriSuperGal is a top lifestyle blogger in Nigeria. She knows the scoop on Nigerian pop culture and also makes sure her news is credible before sharing it with the public. If you’d like to know first-hand what’s going on in Nigeria, @OloriSuperGal is one to follow. She also happens to be the founder of #NMCLagos, a conference that provides opportunities to learn from and network with senior leaders from the biggest brands in Nigeria.

·         @Nobsdalushkid is a well-known fashionista in Nigeria and shares his style and tips on Twitter. He is also the founder of lifestyle website @360Nobs, a top African entertainment blog in Nigeria, which he regularly Tweets about.  He is very influential on Twitter, especially for youths interested in lifestyle, fashion, showbiz and entertainment.

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