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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Independence Day - Shapers of today’s Nigeria on Twitter

October 1st 2015 marks the 55th Independence Day in Nigeria and Nigerians all around the world proudly celebrate Nigerian heritage on this day.  Nigeria gained independence on October 1st 1960.  Popular Twitter Hashtags such #October1st and #NigerianIndependence are used by Nigerians to commemorate the day together via social media, sharing facts and fondly remembering key moments in history.  Twitter is also used to promote Independence Day events and celebrations that people can attend physically.

Many Nigerians have played a key part in shaping the face of Nigeria and here some well-known Nigerians who have impacted the country in some way and given Nigeria a positive image.

·         @MBuhari is the current and 7th president of Nigeria.  He has been a prominent politician since the 1940s and has remained a popular face within politics for several generations.

·         @Kunleafolayan is a Nigerian actor and film director who directed the well-known Independence Day film that came out last year ‘October 1st’.  He is revered media personality, who has boosted the image of Nigeria to the rest of the world, through The Arts.

·         @iamdbanj is a Nigerian singer-songwriter who has won many music awards in Nigeria and around the world, including awards for Best African Act at the @mtvema, Artist of the Year and Evolution Award at the @mtvza Music Awards, Best International Act: Africa at the @BETAwards.  Through his musical achievements, he has given Nigerians a platform to spread the music globally.

·         @papilokanu is one of the most famous Nigerian football players and during his career he played on a winning team of @ChampionsLeague and won an Olympics Gold medal.  As Nigeria is country that loves football, @papilokanu has made Nigerians proud through his success.

·         @UzoAduba is a Nigerian-American actress, popularly known for her role on the @netflix show @OITNB.  She is the first Nigerian woman to win the globally recognised award at @TheEmmys this yea.

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