BrandArena: As Nigeria’s Economy Grows, Kroll Drives Value For Investors

Tuesday 15 September 2015

As Nigeria’s Economy Grows, Kroll Drives Value For Investors

More and more investors looking for sustainable growth in an emerging economy are adding Nigeria to their portfolios, as the country's economy is becoming a popular destination for value-driven investments. This is the message from Kroll, the world’s leading business intelligence and risk consulting firm, which helps clients navigate through investment opportunities.

Giving reasons on Nigeria's spotlight among the growing global markets, Kroll EMEA’s Senior Consultant, Mark Simmonds listed factors such as the country's rebased GDP in 2014, which placed Nigeria at top position in Africa ahead of South Africa. Nigeria is also maintaining the growing middle class comprising a large, vibrant entrepreneurial workforce of at least 73.4 million (1Q 2015). Another fundamental attraction is the successful and peaceful transfer of power to the new democratically elected government. All of these factors Simmonds highlighted have strengthened investors’ confidence in the maturity and dynamism of Nigeria’s economy.

However, the country also has its own unique challenges. A much weakened currency and a low oil price are affecting government revenues, which means investors remain cautious. These and other factors present local and international investors with a complex set of challenges and opportunities that require expert guidance to surmount.
Mark Simmonds
Kroll’s recent work in Nigeria has included an overseas investment advisory project for a Nigerian business investing in India and the Middle East. The company was also recently instructed to identify and profile shareholders in a business venture in Nigeria on behalf of a Nigerian government agency.

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