BrandArena: 2015 Nigeria CSR Awards To Hold November 14

Friday 4 September 2015

2015 Nigeria CSR Awards To Hold November 14

TruContact CSR, organizers of The Nigeria CSR Awards otherwise known as The SERAs have announced that the 2015 edition of the annual awards will take place on November 14, 2015.
The award that is Nigeria’s top CSR and sustainability honour enters in ninth year. The awards process is designed to integrate principles and frame work of the Global compact, global reporting Initiative and ISO 26000.

The SERAs is reputed to be the major promoter and force behind galvanizing businesses across various sectors and industries in Nigeria to imbibe the ethos of CSR and sustainability in Nigeria.

The adopted theme for 2015 is ‘Building Partnerships for a Sustainable Future: Business Leadership as a Catalyst for Development.’ This seeks to explore the vital role cooperation and partnerships have played in the efforts to achieve the millennium development goals (MDGs) and how such inclusive approach will enhance innovative mechanisms for financing and accountability as these factors remains crucial for the sustainable development goals (SDGs) in the post 2015 development agenda.

According to Ken Egbas, the founder and coordinator of the awards, “Nigeria Being the most populous nation in Africa with a greater number of her population affected, the world expects Nigeria to lead the African charge in making inroads against hunger, disease and end ending environmental degradation and climate change and helping to put in place infrastructure and processes that will sustain progress.

The task ahead is how we rise to the challenge to provide apt and innovative public-private sector
collaborations and partnerships that will set Nigeria on the path to attaining the SDG’s. This will require new levels of investments and accountability, as well as leadership and solidarity.”

To date the SERAs, which began in 2007, has registered more than 520 applications from 92 organisations from 13 different sectors of the Nigerian economy.

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