BrandArena: Terragon Group releases Digital Insights on the Nigerian Banking Industry

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Terragon Group releases Digital Insights on the Nigerian Banking Industry

...GTBank, First Bank, among Top Ten

Terragon Group, Africa's largest Digital media company, has released its Research Report which highlights digital insights on the Nigerian banking industry. The research, which was based on analysis carried out for a period of three months, focuses on key activities carried out by the banks utilizing digital media, their innovations and what impact these activities have on their overall business achievements.

The report concentrates on elements of their presence online, providing insights on Website Traffic, Search Engine Optimization, Bounce rate, Web mentions, Social Media Assets, Mobile speed and User experience.

The findings saw Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank), Zenith Bank and First Bank lead the pack for the website country ranking. The websites of GTBank and Fidelity Bank were judged to be the most engaging.

This analysis has made it clear that the banks are aware of the intrinsic benefits of digital marketing and the ways in which they have latched on. However, one key point the report points out is the need for more strategy and engagement to be made by these financial institutions to ensure that their customers have a seamless experience.

Speaking about the research findings, Head of Strategy and Research, Terragon Group, Juno Kurian, stated that the digital media offers an endless array of ways through which banks can attract new customers, engage existing customers and sustain their relevance in the ever evolving digital space.

“As digital and mobile penetration continuously grows in Nigeria, strengthening online presence and throwing huge weight behind Digital Marketing is no longer optional, it is an imperative. To be visible to customers who are increasingly residing in the digital world, to gain their mindshare and to provide a superior customer experience, banking and financial institutions need to invest in fine-tuning their digital strategy,” she said.

This research report is one in many provided over the years by Terragon Group as part of its contribution to providing necessary insights into the local ecosystem. In the second quarter of 2015, the company also provided insights as to the current state of eCommerce in Nigeria. 

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