BrandArena: Increase your reach on and off Twitter with the Twitter Audience Platform

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Increase your reach on and off Twitter with the Twitter Audience Platform

Last year, Twitter launched the Twitter Publisher Network to help advertisers connect with audiences beyond Twitter in thousands of mobile apps while using their powerful measurement, targeting, and creative tools. Since then, Twitter has continued to test it with customers, listened to their feedback, and gained valuable insights. 

Now they are excited to announce significant expansions to the TPN, including a new name to better reflect the evolution of the product: Twitter Audience Platform - a simple and effective way for advertisers to reach 700 million people on and off of Twitter.

First, Twitter is expanding beyond mobile app installs and re-engagements, by offering advertisers the ability to drive two additional objectives with the Twitter Audience Platform: Tweet engagements and video views. Both are now available for the first time in beta to all managed clients globally. Second, they’re launching new creative formats to help advertisers better engage with their in-app audience. 

Drive video views and Tweet engagements

You can now easily extend your Promoted Video and Tweet engagement campaigns to the Twitter Audience Platform with a single click. Many of the targeting signals used on Twitter such as interest, username, and keyword can be applied to your campaigns across mobile apps. As on Twitter, Promoted Videos on the Twitter Audience Platform can play automatically on a device with all video being 100% in-view.

New creative features

On the Twitter Audience Platform, your Promoted Tweets are transformed into one of Twitter’s immersive ad formats including video, native ads, banners, and interstitials. For example:
  • Tweet engagement campaigns on Twitter become interstitial and native ads
  • Promoted Video campaigns are turned into in-app video ads
  • App install or re-engagement campaigns become interstitial or banner ads
Twitter has also added creative features to interstitials to help you extend your best content beyond Twitter. First, Twitter users can now Retweet and favorite directly from your Twitter Audience Platform ad. Twitter has also added customizable call to action buttons to help you more efficiently drive your desired user action:

The Twitter Audience Platform automatically transforms your Promoted Tweets into in-app ad formats

The Twitter Audience Platform is now available globally to all managed clients driving Tweet engagements and video views. It is also being tested by select clients driving mobile app installs and re-engagements. Over the next few months, Twitter has plans to expand the program to other objectives, including website clicks and conversions.

Get started

To get started with the Twitter Audience Platform, reach out to your Twitter account team. To create a Twitter Ads account, visit

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