BrandArena: How Twitter enhances your Nigerian TV and Sports viewer experience

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

How Twitter enhances your Nigerian TV and Sports viewer experience

Years ago when the idea of interactive TV was first introduced, it seemed impossible that we could watch a TV programme and have a separate conversation with our friends all at the same time. In fact, most of us developed a culture of speaking through the ads and reverting to silence when the programme resumed or we would wait for the next day to go over last night's episode of @ScandalABC with our friends or colleagues.

Fast forward to today and the same people you watched those early episodes with are the same people you connect with in real time on Twitter. What’s great is that you don't have to be real life friends to be part of the conversation because you can simply follow your favorite TV shows on Twitter.

If you enjoy watching #Nollywood films, you can tune in to @AfricaMagicTV, which offers great local Nigerian content.  Even if you’re not a fan but just enjoy being in the know about different television shows, you can follow the official hashtag, such as #AfricaMagic.    Nigerians can not only watch most of these programmes from the comfort of their own homes, but can also watch these programs online through different vendors or official live-streaming product offerings.

For those of us that can't watch Nigerian films from the comfort our own homes, there are a number of TV stations dedicated to fulfill your #Nollywood film needs. @ibakatv, @irokotv and @olekutv allow you to watch Nollywood movies from anywhere in the world. They also Tweet new release clips of upcoming movies on their twitter timelines.

So how do you know which programme to watch when there are so many TV channels and sporting events to chose from? High volumes of tweets on a particular subject and #hashtag spark a Twitter Trend, which acts as a flag alerting you of popular topics on Twitter in real time. Now, you can follow them all on Twitter and channel-hop depending on the conversations.  If you are stuck somewhere and unable to watch your favourite program, you need not miss out - there are Twitter handles that will live-Tweet the show as events unfold.

As many Nigerians are football enthusiasts, you can keep up to date with the latest football scores whilst watching your favourite team play.  Nigerian football fans can follow @theNFF to find out more about the official page of the Nigerian Football Federation has to say about the present state of football.  Through their handle, the @theNFF celebrate Nigerian football players’ birthdays and  major events in the players’ lives.  #SoarSuperEagles is the hashtag to use when you need to find out information around the @NGSuperEagles, Nigeria’s national football team.  People use this hashtag to post informative photos and videos, as well as exchange quips and fun facts about the team.

Twitter enables you to not only watch your favorite TV programmes and keep up to date on your sports programs, but it also gives you a platform on which to share your thoughts and comments - and to connect with other fans.

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