BrandArena: Heritage Bank Pledges Support for Female Entrepreneurs

Monday 3 August 2015

Heritage Bank Pledges Support for Female Entrepreneurs

Heritage Bank has once more assured female entrepreneurs in Nigeria of its willingness to partner them to strengthen their role as major drivers of national economic growth.

National economic growth, the bank observed, can only be achieved where the role of women as co-pilots in the economic management of a nation, as refined major stakeholders in the society, as silent driving force in any country and as lives shapers, is fully recognized.

Speaking at the 2015 edition of the Role of Women in Emerging African Democracies (ROWEAD) Roundtable in Lagos, Group Head, Manilla Banking, Heritage Bank, Babajide Adetowubo, was quoted in a statement to have said the bank sponsored and partnered with the organisers of the event as a demonstration of its commitment to supporting female entrepreneurs to change the economic landscape of the nation.

Adetowubo also explained that the previous administration at the federal level had set out to empower women through the setting up of a special fund by the Central Bank of Nigeria to build SMEs.

“This fund is about women empowerment, to support women entrepreneurs; those who want to start up a business or women that have existing businesses and want them to grow.”

He added that Heritage Bank Nigeria had continued to partner with the Central Bank of Nigeria to ensure funds are disbursed appropriately to their beneficiaries. He promised that the recent acquisition of Enterprise Bank would further give the bank more coverage to be able to deliver more on its core values.

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