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Thursday 6 August 2015

A marketer’s guide to blogging

Blogging isn’t just for media professionals with opinions or fashionistas with advice. Blogs are the core of any successful content marketing strategy. And content marketing is one of the most powerful strategies you can use.

By Cassy van Eeden

To put it simply, having a blog gets you noticed. Blogs ramp up your SEO, making you far more discoverable for Internet searches, establish you as an expert voice in your industry and provide you with a valuable channel to communicate with your consumers.

Why your brand should blog

Charlene Erasmus, owner of Brand Heart, explains that building SEO keywords into clients’ ‘products’ or ‘services’ is a difficult task. This is where blogging becomes a key part of any content marketing strategy, she says. Blogs bridge this gap.

“By blogging you give readers a specific gem of information that helps them satisfy a requirement for information to solve a problem,” says Vince Love, owner of Write Concepts. “That way you start to build solid relationships of trust with present and future customers.”

Blogging is as much a part of social media as any online network, explains Jess Mouneimne, director of Jam Media. “Through sharing, comments and guest posts, blogs provide the basis for building a targeted community.”

What is good content?

Owning a blog is great, but it is useless without good content. But what is ‘good’ content and how does it fit into an overall content marketing strategy?

“Good, sound, thorough research is essential,” says Erasmus. “If your facts are wrong, don’t expect people to [come] back a second time.”

“Hitting the publish button on an article filled with mistakes makes you look stupid,” agrees Love. “If your blog reads like it was compiled from two Google searches and written in half an hour by a third grader, you will be sending a message that you don’t respect your readers’ time or intelligence. And that’s worse for your brand than doing nothing.”

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