BrandArena: Winners Emerged in ITU Telecom World 2015 Young Innovators Competition

Friday 10 July 2015

Winners Emerged in ITU Telecom World 2015 Young Innovators Competition

ITU has announced two winners of the ITU Telecom World Young Innovators Competition, the first of four within the 2015 Entrepreneurship Challenge, who will take part in ITU Telecom World 2015 in Budapest, Hungary, 12-15 October.

The two winners, selected from 245 applications from 59 countries for their demonstrated innovation, business potential and a clear social value proposition in tackling this year’s first Challenge are:

School Administration Management Solution (SAMS) – Ei Phyu Zin, Myanmar: Aimed at teachers setting up private schools and academies within Myanmar’s reforming education sector, SAMS provides management skills, and includes not just Student Affairs and Teaching Affairs, but also Human Resource Management, Financial and Inventory Control and other tools and skills needed for administration. It also guides the evolution, business models and growth of private schools created by these entrepreneurs.

Random Startup – Silvia Dusa, Romania: A free start-up discovery engine that allows users to find entrepreneurial minds from around the world, enabling start-ups to connect with potential users or buyers, as well as serving as inspiration for those wishing to start a new venture.

Speaking on being selected as an ITU Telecom World Young Innovators Competition winner, Silvia Dusa said, “For us, the Competition represents a gateway to make Random Start-up known to the world and a step further in encouraging entrepreneurship worldwide.”

“I applied for this competition because I felt that SAMS was what the Challenge wanted – to encourage entrepreneurship around the world,” said Myanmar’s Ei Phyu Zin. “By winning, we can reduce our difficulties in developing SAMS. We can gain customers and start a new era of education. We need that sort of kick-start assistance for SAMS at this stage. As a winner, SAMS can give bright lights to the world, and be of great help to entrepreneurs.”

The two winners will receive seed funding as well as business workshops, networking, showcasing and pitching opportunities with potential investors at ITU Telecom World 2015, the global platform to accelerate ICT innovations for social and economic development. It is where policy makers and regulators meet industry experts, investors, SMEs, entrepreneurs and innovators to exhibit solutions, share knowledge and speed change.

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