BrandArena: Top 5 Apps for Nigerian News Junkies

Friday 24 July 2015

Top 5 Apps for Nigerian News Junkies

A few years ago, Nigerians mostly relied on actual newspapers and a few online news sites for information. Now, the story is changed, we are not in ‘Fleet Street’ anymore!
A swathe of apps developed to aggregate, personalize and deliver news have been released to satisfy cravings of the Nigerian public. The masses now have new ways of finding and consuming information via android, IOS and blackberry apps on their phones, tablets, iPads and netbooks.
Whether it be breaking, daily local and international news, sports, latest technology rumors, or social updates, these apps keep you in the loop, helping you stay on top of the stories everybody is talking about.
If you are a Nigerian news junkie and are looking to download one of these,, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking service has the top 5 Apps for you.
Nigeria News
Nigeria News app proves that newspapers still play a pivotal role in news reporting as they engage in investigative and long-form journalism that then sets the agenda for online discussions.

The app gives you easy access to read the most popular news sources from Nigeria on your device.  A lot of information is crammed in, but it has a neat overview which gives you the ability to choose from a wide variety of stories.

The reading experience is also impressive, with a legible typeface and an organized design, it features automatic downloads for news briefs, offline reading, option to block images so as to reduce bandwidth and an option to share news via SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter and more. It is available on Andriod and iOS.
Nigerian Newspapers Today
Nigerian Newspaper Today is a no nonsense app.
Voted the best; as well as social updates from top blogs and other social sites. Supported categories embrace latest Nigerian breaking news, headline RSS feeds and full breaking stories in sports, entertainment, fashion, business, music, movies and online shopping. It also gives you access to all of the intriguing stories. When you open the app, you get a list of their most recent stories and in seconds, you are presented with their in-depth reporting in a fully-formatted article that scales beautifully to your screen. Stories can be shared via email, twitter, facebook, or linkedIn.
Nigeria News
Nigerian News mobile app brings the same Nigerian breaking news to business & economy, politics, entertainment, technology, sports and more that you will find on the desktop to your phone or tablet.
Available for iOS and Android, the app makes it easy to seamlessly switch between the home page and all verticals. If you're on the go, you can read articles offline too, as the app preloads news offline, saving you money on data.
You can also customize the app to suit your style, bookmark the news you like and even share stories using Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or other services.
Amebo - News & Gist (Nigeria)
Amebo is a very appealing mobile app that mixes the latest news, information and opinions in Nigeria with gist, gossip, and more from favorite blogs and Nigerian Newspapers.

Its menu gives you a large amount of topics to pick from, so you will always know what is trending. Push notifications ensure that you will never miss a new story. Autosave news for offline reading and share news that interests you via email, Messages, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.  

The Amebo App is the best for a wide range of Nigerian news, including entertainment, music, fashion. It is available on Andriod, IOS and blackberry.

Best Naija News-Nigerian News
Developed by a Nigerian in Anamabra State, Best Naija News- Nigerian News keeps it simple and brief, making it the perfect app to stay on top of both local and international news on the go. Best Naija News’ editorial team artfully reports the latest news stories featured on major Nigerian dailies and online news sites including Vanguard, The Sun Newspaper, for football fans, Naij, Thisday newspaper, Sahara reporters, and Leadership newspaper.
It also includes social updates from Nairaland, LindaIkeji. If you are on the go and have been following a particular story, you easily access updates as the app using disk caching to retain memory.
It improves its recommendations based on your reading habits. The app, available on IOS and Android, also uses Low memory and CPU consumption and so never hangs or clogs your device.

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