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Tuesday 21 July 2015

Keep up with Nigerian Politics on Twitter

The rise of political engagement has become a vital trend of recent on social media. Since their arrival, the number of Nigerians interacting with each other on important issues has continually swelled over the years.

The exciting branch of this new inter-connectivity through social media is that Nigerians now have direct access to their leaders. They can question, lobby, and debate with the men and women in charge of the leading institutions in the country.

It all began with former President Goodluck Jonathan, who became the first Commander in Chief to use social media to communicate with Nigerian citizens. Now, politicians across Nigeria, use Twitter to make their views known. Particularly interesting is the level of engagement with President @MBuhari whose every decision has been followed and reported via the social media site.

Prior to President Muhammadu Buhari’s election, the @APCNigeria, now the ruling party, used a heightened social media campaign mainly based on Twitter to communicate their key messaging and ideas to the general public. Twitter remains their number one communications tool as Nigerians all across the globe use Twitter to follow, contribute and discuss political news, in real time.

If you are looking for some interesting Twitter handles to keep up to date with Nigerian politics, check out the ones below:

@APCNigeria is the political party of current President, Muhammadu Buhari

@GovNigeria is the official Twitter page of the Federal Government of Nigeria. Gives updates on the happenings of Nigeria and its dealings in the international market and the country’s relations to others.

@SECNigeria is a government agency mandated to regulate and develop the Nigerian Capital market.

@EiENigeria is a coalition of young Nigerians promoting good governance and citizen engagement. Gives a voice to young Nigerians by retweeting their opinions on matters in the country. Gives updates on current political situations.

@NOA_Nigeria was created to enlighten Nigerians on Government policies, programs and activities.

To stay in touch with Nigerian leaders and to be in the thick of the news and debate about policy and national conversation, join the political conversation with Twitter.

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