BrandArena: HURRAY! Brooks and Blake clocks five

Friday 31 July 2015

HURRAY! Brooks and Blake clocks five

To run a successful business requires much more than just doing it right but being consistent. Therefore, celebrating five years of building a solid marketing and perception management firm is a big deal.

Brooks and Blake, an Independent Perception Management and Consulting firm is rolling out the drum tonight at the Red Carpet Event Centre, Oniru Victorial Island with anniversary dinner to mark its 5 years of operation.

"We are deeply humbled by what we have been able to achieve during this period of constant learning and we look forward to and hope for many more opportunities to grow in service and offerings. To all our esteemed clients, suppliers, associates and friends, we couldn’t have done it without you…even if we’d tried, for this we acknowledge you all and say: “Your efforts we could never repay, you’ve made all the difference in every way, Thank you!”, part of a statement by the management of the agency reads.

As we continue to uphold our five codes of service; Partnership, Innovation, Continuous Improvement, Integrity and Focus, we will like to invite you be a part of our milestone celebration.

Some of the accounts currently managed by the firm include MTN, Guinness, GSK, Orijin, Lucozade, and Macleans.

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