BrandArena: How to Motivate Employees in a Start-Up

Monday 27 July 2015

How to Motivate Employees in a Start-Up

In every startup there are often team members doing various roles.. For most start-ups the business idea could be a new concept that is taking a while to pick up in the market and sometimes this can discourage to the employees.

Lamudi, being a startup, we have experienced ways that motivate employees when the business is at its peak and when it is low so as to maintain the momentum in the long run.
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Personal Preferences
Do a survey during orientation for the new stuff. The survey will have questions asking about their hobbies, favourite restaurants, leisure activities and other personal perks that would give you more information about them. This information is useful in coming up with an award system that is best appreciated by the employee. For example, if a member of the sales team meets their target or performs over the target set, awarding them with dinner at their favourite restaurant is an easy way to say thank you.

Team Building
Twice every year, take the team for lunch or some fun activities out of town. This is a good opportunity for the team to get to learn more about each other outside the office environment. This is also a good time to engage the remote person who feels so often isolated feel like a star.

Develop Motivational Programs
You can have non-cash or cash awards to recognize an employee’s good performance. You can also take a photo of the employee and hang it on the ‘wall of fame’ in the office to recognize him/her as the employee of the month. This will motivate the rest to work harder and have their picture in the same place the next month.

Training and Coaching
As the business grows, the responsibilities increase and become more complicated. Organize trainings for different departments to make work easier for the employees. Once they know how a system works, they are motivated to work more efficiently and develop their skills further.

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