BrandArena: #HBD: Celebrate your birthday on Twitter

Tuesday 14 July 2015

#HBD: Celebrate your birthday on Twitter

Every day, millions of people celebrate the important events in their lives on Twitter — from public events like the recent start of #Ramadan, to more personal ones like a friend’s or loved ones birthday. We’re excited to make sharing these personal celebrations even easier — starting today, you’ll be able to show your birthday on your Twitter profile.

Kicking off the festivities is one of our favorite Nollywood actresses Rita Dominic (@RitaUDominic), who happens to be celebrating her birthday today. Take a look at her profile here.
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The first African Nobel laureate in literature, and Nigeria’s most respected poet, @Wole_Soyinka, also has his birthday on Monday. Do not forget to check his profile, and tweet at him #HappyBirthdayWoleSoyinka.

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To add your birth date to your Twitter profile, choose the “Edit profile” option on Your birth date is a completely optional part of your profile and you have full control over who can see it. The visibility setting for your birth year is separate from the setting for your birth month and day, giving you the flexibility to share as much (or as little) as you want. Check out ourHelp Center for more information about your birth date on Twitter.
Description: Description: Twitter's birthday visibility settings

It’s time to celebrate you, me and everyone. #HBD!

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