BrandArena: Asaba: How to stay safe on a night out

Thursday 16 July 2015

Asaba: How to stay safe on a night out

At a first glance, Asaba, the Delta State capital, seems as quiet as any civil service town. However, while its scenic features cannot compete with the hedonistic proclivities of its closest neighbor – the oil-rich Warri, it recompenses with a vivacious social life that couriers the epicurean passions of the average local.

As expected, there is an abundance of local entertainment hubs in the city and nightlife offers fascinating experiences, as a wide assortment of nightclubs, lounges and out-door drinking pubs are scattered around the city’s landscape.

While you’ve got your high heels or wallet on and are ready to explore its nightlife, irrespective of what your game plan is, the end goal should always be to make it back in one piece! With this in mind,, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking service has 5 tips on how to stay safe on a night out in Asaba.

Have a Plan..and a contingency plan.

Drawing up a plan can be tedious, but it your best bet. Ensure you know your exact destination, and if possible, tell others too.

Figure out the best time to hit the road, make arrangements with a registered taxi for your trip and don’t forget to take and dial the taxi driver’s number to ensure it is working.

Eat before you go out to reduce the effects of alcohol. You also need to give yourself a curfew and stick to it. Again, have a contingency plan as with all things in life, not everything always goes according to plan. The contingency plan will come in handy in case something happens to our phone or keys; you get separated from our friends; or have a little too much to drink.

Carry only the essentials

It’s a night out, not a vacation as such you may not need a full-makeup kit or extra clothes. Carry only vital items: your phone (key), ID, keys, cash and maybe flats if you are wearing heels. You can fit these basics in small clutch purse.

A general rule is to have enough to cover a round trip cab ride and a few drinks. Also, be sure to have some pocket change on hand for tipping. If you are carrying only a wallet, ensure it does not look bulky and do not flash it about as that will attract unhealthy attention. If you have allergies, you can also pack a few allergy pills or an inhaler in case you are asthmatic.


Make sure your mobile is charged and has enough air time. Also, ensure you have an emergency contact number that you can reach and keep the contact updated on your whereabouts, especially if it is your first time in the city.

Write the person’s number on a card and slip into your wallet or purse. If you belong to a social media group, ensure you keep tabs on each other at all times, if you must leave the group, let them know where you are going, who you are going with and possibly how long you will be gone.

If you are staying in a hotel, inform the staff at the lobby of your whereabouts and what time you are to be expected back, that way if you are late, they can call to check up on you.

Look Confident and be vigilant

Always look confident and sharp. Perpetrators are less likely to swindle a person who appears self-assured and aware of their surroundings. Also keep a close eye on the activities of those around you.

Never leave your drink unattended. Holding onto it all time is the best way to make sure nothing extra is put into it. Also, keep your thumb over your bottleneck between sips and if the drink tastes or smells odd do not taste it again.

Do not accept drinks from strangers and keep your possessions (mobiles/cameras) hidden in a secure bag or zipped pockets. And on your way home, when you get out of the taxi, check the seat incase you dropped something before stepping out of the car.

Know your limits.

No matter how excited you are or how much you want to impress the people around you, do not do anything you are not comfortable with or spend much more than you planned to.

Watch your alcohol intake as this has a way of dulling your instincts, making you much more vulnerable to danger. If you are drinking in rounds, or expected to take a large number of shots as part of a ‘dare’ game, skip some rounds or have a water instead. Don’t mix your drinks with drugs. Pace yourself! If you are feeling too pressured, remember that you have nothing to prove to anyone and just go home!

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