BrandArena: Top 8 travel mistakes To Avoid

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Top 8 travel mistakes To Avoid

The excitement that comes with travelling could be cut short because of mistakes that travellers make before or during their travels. These mistakes could cost these travellers unquantifiable damages thereby making their journey regrettable or uninteresting. As a traveller, you don’t want to be in this embarrassing situation. For whatever purpose, travel is meant to be fun and it should always be so., Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal highlights some of these mistakes and how travellers can manoeuvre them.
This is perhaps the most mistake that a traveller could make when planning a trip. In fact, you should over-budget for the trip as the forces of demand and supply would probably set in. Over-budgeting would actually help you deal with unforeseen events. It is a good idea to have a budget but don’t underestimate the cost of things connected to the trip. Add a little bit above the actual price.

Delaying Application for Travel Documents
You may not be aware but many people are guilty of this. They prefer the fire brigade approach. Rather than, applying for and renewing their travel documents, they keep postponing until a few days to their trip. You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that you may not get your documents back on the day of your departure or before the trip except if you are familiar with someone that can help you fast track the process. The traveller may probably miss his flight due to this lapse.

Not Insuring Travel Documents
If unfortunately, you misplace your documents what will you do to recover it? First, you lodge a complaint with the police and then what? To be on a safe side, insure your documents. There are insurance companies all around that have products that can help you insure your travel documents. So, don’t hesitate to insure your documents.

Doing Too Much In One Trip
It is very important to enjoy yourself during your trip. In fact, some travellers engage in too many fun activities during their trip. They want to visit all the tourist destinations, shopping malls, historic towns and other interesting places. This is just too much! Even though, you are advised to over-budget, this doesn’t open the floodgate to engage in both relevant and irrelevant tours and activities!

Forgetting To Change Money At The Airport
If you are on a foreign trip, changing your cash should be one of the first things you do. Do not patronise touts because you may be defrauded. There is a handful of “bureau de change” at the airport. If perhaps you forget to change your cash at the airport, remember that you can’t spend any currency that is not legally accepted. Therefore, search for a “bureau de change” as soon as possible so that you would not be stranded.

Handing Your Luggage To Strangers
Handing your luggage to a stranger or someone you are unfamiliar with is actually very risky. It is advisable that you hold on tight to your luggage no matter how much it is and also ensure that you watch them with an eagle eye. This ensures that your luggage don’t suddenly grow wings!

Book the Bookable
Booking has been made easy with the advent of the internet. You can now book nearly everything and everything on the internet. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to reserve a hotel and car for yourself at your travel destination before you travel.

Not Firmly Closing Your Cream, Shampoo/Lotion
This could be a laughable but inadvertent mistake. This usually happens when a traveller packs in a haste. In such hastiness, (s) he forgets to tighten the cover of his/her body and hair creams. As a result, the content of these tubs/containers spill inside the luggage thereby messing up the luggage. This is just an unwarranted mistake. Therefore, always firmly close your lotion.


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