BrandArena: Spotself App Set to Redefine Nigeria's Social Discourse

Friday 12 June 2015

Spotself App Set to Redefine Nigeria's Social Discourse

Yes, we are familiar with Instagram, Pix Mix, WhatsApp and other related photo or chat mobile apps but Spotself appears to be the next big innovation in mobile app. If you are looking for an app that can enable you to share and rate your photos, and at the same time find a match/date on a single mobile app, Spotself is it!

Today, everyone has become a photographer. The world of 'Selfies' had actually become a pop culture. Indubitably, Nigerians like to have fun, meet new people and loves to take photos. With about 80 million trendy, fashionable and tech savvy youth, it's no surprise Spotself made its debut in Nigeria.

According to Spotself's developer, Jens Mathiasson, "Spotself is designed for the Nigerian youth in particular and we believe Spotself can be a major destination for meeting and interacting with people online".

Available for all Android devices and web app, Spotself enable users to share and rate photos, like cool outfits, selfies and fun pictures.

The easy-to-use app features include bellow:

1. MEET: This is where the dating functionality of the app really comes to life. Here you get to view pictures of people who are single and interested in meeting new people as well and once there is a match between two people they will be notified and they can get ahead with communication.

2. EXPLORE: This feature of the app focuses on the photo sharing part of the functions of the app. Pictures of the people in the community are placed here according to cities and different categories and you can comment on the picture and also rate them.

3. MESSAGING: Apart from commenting and rating people's pictures and vice versa, there is also the feature of connecting with people through personal messaging on the app. This is private and between the two users that are involved the communication process.

4. CATEGORIES: These categories on the app are used in posting pictures and also in searching for pictures. This allows you to filter what you see and also allows you to give a particular tag to the pictures you upload on the app.

5. TOPLISTS: Because the app focuses on rating pictures rather than just liking them, there would be picture with the highest rates in the community and these are the pictures that go on the TOPLIST for the day or the week. This feature is also really good for competitions because it makes it easier to pick winners as there is already a feature of rating.

6. RATING: This feature on the app is where users get instant feedback on pictures posted. There is system of rating where you state how good or how not so good you think a picture is.

Jens Mathiasson is an entrepreneur from Sweden. He has created several digital products before and in addition to this he works as a director in Schibsted, a large media company in Europe. Now he is looking into the existing market of Nigeria.

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