BrandArena: launches in Senegal with Tigo

Monday 8 June 2015 launches in Senegal with Tigo

Facebook has announced that and more than a dozen free basic services will be available in Senegal for people with a Tigo SIM card. This is another step forward in their efforts to bring Internet access to two thirds of the world that are not connected.'s mission is to make affordable internet access available to everyone in the world and to make the opportunities of the internet available to everyone.

Only about 20% of people in Senegal are connected to the Internet, according to ITU. 90% of the world's population lives within range of a cell signal, and yet the majority is still offline either because they can't afford a data plan or because they are simply unaware of how the Internet can change their lives.

Senegal is the sixth country in Africa where is available. It is now available in 13 countries: Zambia, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, Colombia, Guatemala, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Malawi, Pakistan, and Senegal.

The free basic services that will be available through to people with a Tigo SIM card will include: AccuWeather, BabyCenter & MAMA, BBC News, BING, UNICEF, Ebola Info, Facebook, UNICED Facts for Life, Girl Effect by Nike Foundation, Malaria No More, Messenger, Wattpad, Wikipedia, Wiwisport,, Senjob. All services are in French.

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