BrandArena: Logistics Company, QUO unveils QUO Movers & Q-Express

Thursday 7 May 2015

Logistics Company, QUO unveils QUO Movers & Q-Express

In line with its commitment to continuously encourage swift, convenient and pocket friendly services, QUO has once again gone the extra mile to ensure unrivaled customer satisfaction. Thriving logistics business QUO, recently launched ‘QUO Movers & Q-Express’. The two innovative yet affordable products cut across small to large scale businesses as well as individuals alike.

With QUO Movers, home and office relocation is completely transformed from an exhausting, stressful experience to a hassle free yet affordable one. Haulage isn’t also left out of the QUO experience as Q-Express provides swift haulage solutions to both corporate and personal needs.

According to Miss Ladenika Olubunmi, the Assistant General Manager of QUO Courier & Logistics, "both products represent a “refreshing experience” in the logistics  market as all relevant, yet mostly neglected aspects of the services have been identified and tackled". 

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