BrandArena: Job Hunt: iROKO Seeking Developers, to give N1m prize monthly

Friday 8 May 2015

Job Hunt: iROKO Seeking Developers, to give N1m prize monthly

The Founder of iROKO Jason Chukwuma Njoku is seriously hunting for developers with the aim of building a formidable Product, Design and Engineering team.

On his personal webpage,, Njoku post reads:

Jason Njoku, CEO iRoko Partners
IROKO exists to capture the spirit and the soul of Nollywood content, translate that into an amazing mobile-first reality and lead viewers to content they love. That requires us building and having a fundamental focus on Product, Design and Engineering. If we get everything right, yet fail at that, then we fail as a company. I have made the pilgrimage to Silicon Valley on a number of occasions. I have heard the Gospel (according to them). Consumer internet companies are only as good as their product managers, engineering talent and design aesthetics. Visiting Pinterest and speaking to the head of monetization, visiting Airbnb and discussing the design story with their head of Design and talking product with the founders of Ooyala, IVI, and DramaFever, it’s product first, second and third.

With that in mind, we are going to try and build a large PDE team in Lagos. Our current senior engineers sit in NY. For us to be successful, we need to connect the reality and nuances of Nigeria (and Nigerian) viewers to building world class applications for Africa. So we are hiring. 20+ roles in fact. I will spend the next few weeks and months searching for and interviewing for the following.

To throw a sweetener in, Njoku said every month he will give N1m prize to the highest scoring test result. Whether they choose to join IROKO or not. The test will be posted tomorrow.

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Senior Developer-Integrations / API/CMS
Frontend Developer
Senior Mobile Developer ( IOS)
Senior Mobile Developer (Droid)
Technical Project Manager
Q/A Manager
Q/A tester
Mobile Developer (Droid)
Mobile Developer (Droid)
Mobile Developer (IOS)
Mobile Developer (IOS)
Developer - Data Intelligence /Analytics
Dev Ops
Junior Back end developer
Junior Front end developer
Q/A tester


Product Manager - Telco

Product Manager - Growth


UI Designer

UX Designer

He believes the company can attract the best developers in Lagos and Nigeria. "We are happy to consider returnees or local developers alike. We have a nice little office in Anthony Village. Experience is not necessary, the school you attended is unnecessary, your age is unnecessary, nor is your ability to code in any particular language. We are looking for super-dupa smart coders. Who live and breath code. That will be our first step. Our first filter. A simple coding test", he said.

...If you are sure of yourself, this is a great opportunity, grab it!

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